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CFOCare offers corporate finance consulting to help entrepreneurs deal with what is usually their most pressing problem, raising capital for the business. 

Based on our deep experience we developed a proven four-phased approach to help our clients position themselves to fund their businesses most efficiently. We call it the GROW50® approach.

The GROW50® Approach

- Germination. - we validate the unique value proposition and proposed business model. 

R - ReStrategize - we help develop a business strategy which will allow the entrepreneur to gain the most access to external funding. Our deliverable usually include a written business plan with prospective financial information.

O - Outside Funding  - We help develop a corporate finance strategy which will allow the founders to maximize their control. On as needed basis we conduct market research and prepare a business valuation. 

W - Wooing - we introduce the entrepreneur to outside funding sources and coach them how to "wow" their audiences. In some cases we play a hands-on role in lining up the investors and making the pitch.

By completing all four phases, our clients not only satisfy short-term funding needs, but also gain many of the skills they will need to obtain funding as the business grows.  

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