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Tax Savings

sing proactive tax planning CFOCare works with you to minimize the impact of taxes on your cash-flows. 

Entrepreneurs face a daunting list of Government taxes including:

CFOCare reduces tax burden

  • Federal Corporate Taxes
  • Federal Personal Income Taxes
  • Federal Capital Gains Tax
  • Federal Payroll Taxes - Medicare/social security/unemployment
  • Washington State Sales Tax
  • B and O Tax in Washington State, (State Income Tax in other States)
  • Washington State Unemployment tax
  • State Franchise tax for State of Domicile
  • Federal Estate and Transfer tax
  • Washington State Estate Taxes
  • Mandatory State Workers Comp and liability insurances
  • Mandatory Healthcare Insurance
  • City and municipal taxes,  even enforces a pet license for your corporate mascot!

  CFOCare works with you to: 
  • Minimize the tax you pay; help defer tax payments to free up valuable cash-flow for business growth.
  • File on time
  • Eliminate avoidable penalties.
  • Advocate assertively for our clients when they are challenged by the government. 

 CFOCare has an outstanding track record of helping our clients abate penalties.  
Our responsiveness to client inquiries is legendary. Outstanding client service is one of the keys to CFOCare being recognized as Bellevue's Best Business Coach in 2015.

                                                        CFOCare helps reduce business taxes

 "Jonathan stepped in when my taxes were starting to get out of control. He saved me a boatload of money."

 "Jonathan has a brilliant mind and seemed to have a natural flair for spotting ways to save money on my taxes. Bottom line is he got me refunds for the three years he filed amendments!"

 "Jonathan takes the drama out of tax returns. My old CPA was always telling me the sky is falling in. Jonathan is more pragmatic. He's been doing it for years which gives me a lot of reassurance. I wish I'd found him sooner."

The Top 10 Tax Challenges we help our clients overcome:

1) Figure out what type of legal entity will help provide them with the least tax exposure and the maximum protection from liabilities.

2) How to structure overseas business activities to avoid double taxation.

3) How to enter the US market; (several of our clients are based in Asia, including India, China, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam.) 

4) How to cost effectively transfer assets to the next generation in a family business.

5) How to make voluntary disclosure of previously undisclosed foreign assets and income.

6) How to effectively prepare for an audit by the Government.

7) How to correct tax return mistakes made in prior years.

8) How to get penalties removed for "honest" mistakes.

9) How to avoid taxes on sales and acquisitions of businesses.

9) How to defer taxes on sales of investments including real estate.

10) How to set Compensation levels for owners of S Corporations.