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Some of the dozens of testimonials for Jonathan Copley from his 36+ years serving the entrepreneurial community include:

Business Coach

As a coach he's head and shoulders above anyone I've ever worked with. Completely different class.

I went into my coaching session with Jonathan feeling bad about my business. An hour later I came out feeling completely re-energized. Seems he has that gift.

Simply the best mentor I've ever had in my twenty some odd years in business. I wish I'd found him earlier in my career

I see Jonathan as a mentor, someone I can learn from.  I bring him the challenges I’m struggling with and inevitably it's something he's seen before… or at least he knows how to ​approach the issue.

Jonathan helped me figure out what's holding my company back and told it to me straight. He has a really good way of doing that! 
Jonathan Copley is a business owner's best friend and ally. I have never seen a consultant who so quickly and nimbly gets to the heart of any matter. 

Jonathan is an outstanding business coach and motivator. His guidance and expertise has proven critical to the success of my business. I highly recommend him to anyone with a desire to successfully grow their business.

Career Coach
Jonathan listened to me and took the time to understand where I am as an entrepreneur. He helped me to create a strategic focus and clarity in my vision that gives me confidence. As a developing cultural entrepreneur, I'm grateful to have Jonathan's open and honest mentoring.

I love his candor. I love his directness.  I knew I could trust him straight away. He lived up to what he promised.

Jonathan really kicked my butt during our practice interview session. It was worth it as I aced the next job i applied for.

He’s a straight-shooter. He doesn’t sugar-coat his feedback, which is exactly what I need.

He reads people quickly and gets it right. He points out the subtle nuances I usually miss.

Business Growth Strategy

Jonathan thinks big, which worried me at first. He urged me to take my business beyond my normal comfort zone. As it turned out, his urging was key to helping me take the company to the next level.

Jonathan asks questions and has me think about my business in a different way. He helps me refine my ideas. If it's crap he'll tell you straight away, and that's valuable.

Jonathan is one of the most valuable guys I've ever known for helping me grow my business.

He went to the mat to help us get funding. Can’t thank him enough.

He always asks insightful questions about my business which stop me in my tracks and disrupt my normal way of thinking. I love it!

Jonathan’s strategic intuition is remarkable. The speed with which he got his mind around our busine
ss was astonishing.

Brilliant!  JC came up with several ideas for new businesses during our first meeting. Then he sent resources our way to make sure we got off the ground. He seems to know everyone in town.

Jonathan has an uncanny ability to predict business outcomes. He has great intuition. Spots patterns and trends very quickly. 

Jonathan brings in the experience and wisdom from being around a lot of different industries for so long. 

I recently presented him with a scenario for a new alliance for my business. Within a minute, he assessed what I had said and gave me feedback and I put to use immediately, saving me MONTHS of research and thousands of dollars. 

Tax and Valuation   

He delivered the valuation of our company on time and within budget. It was painless from my perspective. I recommend him highly.

Jonathan took the time to patiently answer my questions about how he planned to value the company. Later, I went through his written valuation carefully and he had explained every number, which made it a lot easier to sell to my partners. 

He spotted an employee fraud early enough that we were able to stop it before it took down a large chunk of my business. He showed amazing intuition to find the scheme. 

The weakness of my financial systems was holding back my business. Jonathan rolled up his sleeves and got everything sorted out in a matter of days. He's now my go-to guy for all aspects of my business. 

Jonathan stepped in when my taxes were starting to get out of control. He saved me a boatload of money.

Prompt tax service. Saved me a lot of money. Strong recommendation.
Jonathan has a brilliant mind and seemed to have a natural flair for spotting ways to save money on my taxes. Bottom line is he got me refunds for the three years he filed amendments!

Jonathan takes the drama out of tax returns. My old CPA was always telling me the sky is falling in. Jonathan is more pragmatic. He's been doing it for years which gives me a lot of reassurance. I wish i'd found him sooner.

Jonathan is a true expert in his field and made an amazing difference to my business.

Jonathan is a wonderful accountant to work with. He takes the time to understand your needs and gets his work done in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend him.


Jonathan reviewed everything in my business from top to bottom and  isolated those things that I had overlooked. This was incredibly valuable

He's relentless when it comes to fixing my business problems.  I love his boundless energy. He makes big promises and lives up to them every time. 

We're a well-established family-owned business. Jonathan's the only professional to ever win my wife's approval. He took the time to involve her in the process. That's why his ideas to streamline our business were so well accepted and saved us a ton of money. 

Anyone who can get the Teachers' Union and the Administration to both tell the LA Times they approved of the results of his Management Review of the District must have some serious talent. It's the first time they've ever agreed on anything.

More than any consultant I’ve worked with, he went out of his way to get to know the critical aspects of my operation. He has great business instincts.

I ran into Jonathan while working on a corporate merger. He’s relentless. Luckily he was on our side.

He uses his powerful entrepreneurial abilities to quickly identify and resolve my business’s pain points.

The speed which Jonathan moved to fix my operational problems blew me away. I wish I'd met him when I first started out. My life would have been a lot less stressful without a shadow of a doubt.

Energizing Leadership

I first consulted with Jonathan in 1985.  Amazingly, he's as high energy now as he was thirty years ago.  He's a patient teacher and very empathetic.  He has great entrepreneurial instincts.  Recently, I heard him talk about Energizing Leadership at his new Center, and for the past 30 years I've seen him walk the talk! 

Working for Jonathan made me feel like a knight who had been offered a seat at the Round Table, and I was ecstatic. 

Jonathan has the rare ability to burn his vision into the consciousness of his people and turn it into an obsession.

As the founder, Jonathan built a collaborative and collegial culture that so many consulting firms have tried to build and failed.  All the trappings were there: the family atmosphere;the mutually supportive relationships; the focus on recruiting and retaining the best professionals and the outstanding results that I knew would follow.

Jonathan always seems to listen to what people tell him. A rare characteristic in most business leaders. And he's not scared to call it the way he sees it.

Jonathan’s knowledge of implementing change is vast. Really knows the 'soft' stuff. He’s been there and done it many times.

He is incredibly knowledgeable about all the facets of leadership and focuses on the heart, mind and aspirations of the individual  as the origin for the context of leadership. 

Despite his obvious success Jonathan doesn't take himself too seriously which I find refreshing. He's great fun to be around. 

Great energy. Definitely he’s an energizing leader. 


I paid to listen to him speak about energizing leadership and it was well worth it.  I told two colleagues to go listen to him speak and both called me back later to thank me. He'd fired them up as well. 

After taking his ‘Effective Presentations' class my confidence went through the roof. Very energizing.

High energy!  Powerful speaker. Entertaining key-note speech.

An entertaining teacher who understands what it takes to be a great leader.  Superb story-teller. High energy. Always keeps my attention.

Energizing, educational and effective. Jonathan walks the talk about energizing leadership.

Retreat Facilitator   

We never had more fun at our annual strategic planning retreat than when Jonathan ran it for us. And we accomplished more than we had ever done before. I’d recommend him to anyone.

I was completely blown away by the team-building retreat he facilitated. The result is that he’s firmly placed us on the path toward a higher level of profitability.

Jonathan has the right energy to keep everyone focused. He helped pull our team together and we came out of it with a specific time-based action plan to achieve our now unified vision.

Jonathan really knows what’s he’s doing when he facilitates leadership retreats. He's oozing with experience and is affable with it!

Our team went into our Annual Leadership retreat feeling overwhelmed. Jonathan helped us first see the big picture, then skillfully helped us break down our plan into actionable items. Easily, the most valuable two days I ever spent with a consultant.

I loved the retreat. I learned a ton! Jonathan's a great facilitator and a natural teacher. 

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